Peel & Seel bags

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Peel & Seal Bags

Peel & Seal bags feature a lip with a permanent tape closure attached to it. Simply fill the bag, "PEEL" the backing off of the tape adhesive, fold the lip over the bag opening and "SEAL" it. This is a quick and easy way to seal a bag and it eliminates the need for specialized heat sealing equipment.

The most popular use for Fredman Peel & Seal bags is as mailers. If you have a project that requires a business reply by mail or if you have other needs for flexible poly mailers, then a Peel & Seal bag may be right for you.

The polypropylene tape liner on Fredman's Peel & Seal features a visible red or white line and offset adhesive strip for easy liner removal. This is ideal for mass fullfillment.

A double perforation can also be added to the lip of this bag as an opening feature. Reclosable adhesive is also available.





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