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Foldover / Compartment Bags

Another unique closing feature that Fredman Bag produces is called the foldover or the "flip". Bags with a front or back foldover are able to be filled and then closed by flipping the foldover back over the bag opening.

Fredman can also produce bags with compartments or extra pockets in them. If you are in need of bags for a laboratory and you wish to place identification cards on the bag in order to identify the bag's contents, then a bag with a pocket may be right for you. Or if you wish to seperate different products in the same package, then try a compartment bag.

Compartment bags that contain pockets typically have a skirt seal on the bottom of the bag in order to "marry" the pocket to the outside of the bag. Also, these kinds of bags are typically plain, but can be printed if desired.






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